Rotund Rebound

Gameplay Animation

Sentence has been passed on the dark carrot, so hop down the rabbit hole and hold on tight. An epic retro platforming adventure unfolds as you brave nightmare worlds and encounter a colorful cast of quirky characters on the road to rescuing your friends and conquering the shadows!

  • Dive right into the gameplay with simple one-handed controls and discover the limitless depths of finesse that will make you a master.
  • Explore lively interactive maps packed with rewarding locations and optional paths.
  • Rescue your pudgy pals to play as them and unlock the potential of their unique abilities.
  • Tackle extreme boss battles with bouncing as your only weapon.
  • Forget difficulty modes—each level can be approached three unique ways, equating to easy, normal, and hard routes.
  • Handcrafted levels with built-in Time-Attack designed to open the thrill of speedrunning to everyone.
  • Faster-than-lightning respawns shrug off failure and keep you in the action.
  • Exuberant chiptune-infused soundtrack by Jarrel Lanchester immerses you in a colorful adventure of retro delight.

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We're two brothers making indie games the old-fashioned way: with heart, soul, and a room in the attic.
We work closely together and handle every aspect of development ourselves from concept through to release,
with the exception of the wonderful soundtrack, provided by the awesome Jarrel Lanchester!

PaulPaul Burns — Artist
From spriting, animating, and creating effects in-game, to promo artwork, to recording and cutting trailers, Paul handles all the game's visual needs plus website management.

TobyToby Burns — Programmer
From the game's core engine physics and UI to the most tedious platform considerations, Toby makes the game function, while also making the sound effects.

Rotund Rebound is ©2022 Dahku
Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.